About Us

Comfort and style elevated

*We provide what nobody else has; a product that is unique, beautiful and often handcrafted that also is supportive and feels amazing. No two individuals are alike in looks or style. We embrace this individuality and support each person's unique lifestyle and look without compromising amazing style. We cater to all sorts of occupational careers from teachers to flight attendants, doctors, nurses, the restaurant industry and retail.  







We are eager to help with suggestions and exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves in genuine concern and care for the individual and their happiness. We look forward to assisting you soon at Shoe Thrill.




Carissa Krausman (right) is the proud owner of Shoe Thrill and is known by customers as the "Shoe Guru".

"I began my comfort shoe adventure in 2003 at the age of 20. Shoes have always been a passion since I was old enough to save my babysitting money for the coolest, funkiest doc martens in the 90's. I always enjoyed fashion, color, accessories and personal style. Comfort became exponentially important after blowing out my knee on a trampoline at age 21. This injury seriously changed my life-- from exercise to the footwear I needed to wear to continue a career on my feet. I didn't want to compromise fashion and style and because of this, my search for the cutest comfort footwear was born. After 10 years of working in the industry for someone else I took a leap. At age 30, in 2012, my business, Shoe Thrill, was born."