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Birkenstock Air Cushion 3/4 Length Insoles - LEATHER

Birkenstock Air Cushion 3/4 Length Insoles - LEATHER

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The Air Cushioned Insoles are anatomically formed like footprints in the sand. The Air Cushion Footbeds were built off of the original Birkenstock Sandals & Footwear for a familiar foot comfort feel in a cushioned insole that provides gentle support and cushion for the entire foot. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Ball of Foot / Metatarsal arch cushion
  • Instep / Longitudinal medial foot arch cushion
  • Leather lining fosters breathability and absorbs moisture
  • Synthetic open cell latex foam cushioning base for heel to toe comfort
  • Soft cushion under big toe for bunion relief
  • Padded toe ridge encourages toes to grip
  • Toe-less 3/4 length desing for toe room in tight fitting shoes
  • Heel Cup reduces slippage
  • Trim-to-Fit for customization 

Ideal for:

  • Shoe type: flats, casual, and dress shoes and boots
  • Activity type: everyday life, casual, dress, work, standing all day
  • Arch type: low, medium, high -minimal arch support
  • Fit profile: low profile insole (ideal for tight fitting shoes)
  • Pain relief: arch, ball of foot, & metatarsal pain pain/strain, bunions
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