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Four Seasons

Metatarsel Pad

Metatarsel Pad

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Product Description

Four Season Leather Metatarsel Pad. The metatarsal pad helps to relieve pressure beneath the ball of the foot and can offer relief from neuromas and ball of foot pain. The mild arch support and heel cup are designed to give extra support for a variety of foot types. The thin, flexible footbed is ideal for all types of footwear, especially in low volume shoes in which it is difficult to fit a thicker arch support. This insert is ideal for dress and casual shoes and is one of the few arch supports that will fit in cleats, skates, ski boots, and cowboy boots.

About this item

  • Includes 1 pair.
  • Naturally contoured arch
  • Built in metatarsal pad
  • Adhesive pad under the heel can be used to keep the arch supports in place
  • Fits comfortably in most shoes and footwear styles
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